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Poland House connects Polish brands, producers and Polish designers with Dutch retailers, wholesalers and Dutch designers active in the living industry. A strong positive permanent Poland promotion and support center that will aid Polish suppliers to find a successful position on the Dutch market.

Under the banner of Poland House, Polish brands and producers will find their individual strength.


Poland House is situated in heart of Eindhoven, city of technology and design and host to one of the largest design fairs in the world (Dutch Design Week) and hob location to major Polish cities from Eindhoven airport. The location is the award winning Obelisk building, ground floor showroom. The ideal location for the promotion of your firm.


  • If you cannot find a connection to the Dutch market
  • If your financial and marketing budgets are limited
  • If you encounter barriers; language, legal or administrative, to enter the Dutch market
  • If your are reserved as to go alone into "deep water"

This is where you can spread your wings. If you use the facilities and services of Poland House you will increase your chance of success on the Dutch market for living.

"Exhibit and be part of the Dutch Design week, the 2nd largest design fair in the world, with Dutch and worldwide visitors, numbering up 120.000 last year."



Our network in the Netherlands

34 Designers
12 Retailers
9 Wholesalers
21 (Interior) Architects

Poland House Team

Ewa Niepokulczycka

Administrative Director

Born in Sopot, Poland, finished European studies at the University of Tilburg after moving to the Netherlands. She started by translating for the European Community and the Polish Consumer Federation. Recently she worked as a store manager for a chain of stores in the area of womens accessoiries. Also she assisted a major Dutch firm – Van Tilburg Bastianen - in entering the Polish market with translation and intermediary services for their board of directors.

Tore van Rooij

Managing Director

Studied at the University of Rotterdam, Business Administration. An MBA in marketing science, he started working for Unilevers in Warsaw, introducing brands like Omo, Sunlicht and Pollena2000 to the Polish market. After a career with Accenture as a consultant in the retail trade, working for major food suppliers, and producers, he made a choice of becoming an entrepreneur in the living area, both as a retailer as well as a designer/consultant for some major brands in the field. He has an overview of and contacts in the Dutch Living industry and is a friend of the Dutch Design Academy.

"Present your collection, your products, your designs to Dutch retailers, (interior) architects, designers and business in general."


Poland House Website online!

Thanks to the team of PUNT013 we were able to get our website online in less then two weeks! Quality and speed in one go! The experience of an old design-academist with the program abilities of a "known" guitarist and few beers (sorry non Polish) helped! ;)

Support of the Embassy

The trade and promotion section of the Embassy of Republic of Poland, in the person of Mr. Tomasz Wazbinski, granted Poland House a honorary patronat. The Embassy in this way formally supports the idea of Poland House. In the month to come we will work together to further strenghten the ideals of Poland House: to create a positive image of Poland and to create a market in the Netherlands for Polish producers and Polish brands. Poland House is very proud to have the supprt of the promotion section of the Polish Embassy.


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